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Just a regular person on this platform.

I manage the following groups; 
San International Air Lines, Sky Alliance & RBXBolt

San International Air Lines believes in helping our employees achieve their full potential and abilities. Throughout your career with us, you will be offered an extensive array of learning and development opportunities to enhance your professionalism and personal attitude towards a working environment. 

If you are an 'inactive friend' in Roblox, I'll remove you as a friend. 
Don't ask for robux, earn it yourself. Nothing is easy in life. You have to work for it.


  • Roblox Library Audio Searcher (Free Radio)

    This is a game for you to search for audio from the Roblox library. Players can listen to your audio if they get close to you. More updates coming to this game! (including adjustable settings) VIP server is free. /hideui - Hides the UI. /showui - Shows the UI.

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