Hi I'm Synision. I'm a developer on ROBLOX. If you want to contact me with suggestions or a customer service issue the best way to get in touch is to shoot me a message on ROBLOX !

I develop my games part time and alone while studying so I can take up to 10 business days to respond to customer service messages. Please be patient.



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  • Admin Simulator [FIXES]

    I have implemented a fix (for now) to try to stop the botting of the game by a sophisticated bot network ! Welcome to Admin Simulator! Here you can have all the power of an admin as soon as you join! ⚙️ Say :cmds to see a full list of free admin commands! The prefix is : 💯 Hundreds of free admin commands! 🗡️ 🔫 Fight with gear! 🔐LEVEL UP as you use admin and unlock more commands! Check the in-game store to see what you can unlock! 👌Join the group for double levels: 💎 Check out the shop for more admin commands and perks that you can buy instantly! Have fun and thanks for playing Admin Simulator! If you like this game, don't forget to favourite and thumbs up!

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