• [🐸Frog] Soul Eater: Resonance

    This is a game based on soul eater, in-which you may become a weapon, or a meister! Meisters are combat specialists that use weapons as their tools. You may perform an act called "resonance" as a weapon, to grant your Meister a 20% damage buff. Join chat for codes! You get 2 spins every hour during playtime. Premium gets 3. Witches have a chance to spawn every 30 minutes. Next code: 101,750 Likes CURRENT FAMILIES: Barrett , Naigus ,Ford ,Albarn, Death, CURRENT WEAPONS: Twin Guns, Scythe, Chain Scythe, Blunderbuss, Elemental Fists, Excalibur, Sniper, Mjolnir GROUP: https://www.roblox.com/groups/543884/The-SoulEaters-Solace/

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