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    Temple Canyon Wars Originally made by: Roblox,Re-Improved by me. In this Fighting game you can fight your friends,experience the best old stuff through the updated version+more cool stuff hanging round. ~Credits of course go to Roblox for making this game and i just took it and made a better version of it. ================================================== Update log: 16.07.2016-Removed old broken teleports that used to teleport to other roblox games and in their place lots of new models were added to fill those blank spaces. -Filled other blank spaces that used to have nothing,now some of them contain alot of new models. -Made the game map covered with invisible walls(outside on some places)to prevent player from falling down the map and dying. -Removed some useless models and changed advertisements to random decals i choosed. More updates coming soon,don't forget to give this game a thumbs up and favorite it if you liked it.

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