Games I've made or I'm working on:
- Sans Multiverse
- Sans Multiversal Massacre
- Sans Multiversal Battles! (Sans Multiversal Battles: Legacy Edition)
- Sans Multiversal Battles! 2

Creator of Corruptiontale and Psychopathtale.

Thank you for all the visits in Sans Multiverse + Sans Multiversal Battles! + Sans Multiversal Battles! 2!


  • flygeil's Dusttrust (Demo)

    under development if the game is closed, it's because it's being worked on and doesnt have any finalized changes, come back later ================================================== Please note that this battle is skilled-based and will require skill to play. A 3D Roblox-stylized Dusttrust take made by flygeil! This game has been based off of the released and unreleased Dusttrust fangames made by Team Dusttrust. Credits to Suavicrem1 (SuavicremSoftened) for helping with the hot game icon.

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  • Sans Multiversal Battles! 2

    [WARNING: THE GAME IS IN BETA AND MAY RESULT IN UNWANTED BUGS!] Sans Multiversal Battles! 2 is a fighting game where you become Sans and battle others in a Free-For-All battlefield! Battle others and prove who's stronger! How to lock onto another player: Middle Mouse Button or L for PC players, or Left Trigger for Controller players. Game may have some lag for some users due to moving parts. Game updates will be new content or bug fixes! These changes can be seen in the Update Log in the main menu! Exploiting or abusing glitches is not tolerable and may result in a ban. If you catch someone doing these, please report them to any staff in our community server. Undertale by Toby "Radiation" Fox.

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  • Sans Multiversal Massacre

    [NOTE: This game will require skill to play. It is highly recommended you play on PC/Xbox as mobile devices may not be able to play the game.] After you've erased your world with Chara. You have a new purpose outside of UNDERTALE. Chara has given you access to the AUs within the Multiverse. Your mission will be easy to follow. Game is still being worked on. Many things can be unfinished or incomplete.

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  • Sans Multiversal Battles: Legacy Edition

    This game will not be receiving updates. If you're interested, go ahead and try out Sans Multiversal Battles! 2! Please note that stats do not transfer as it is completely separate from this game. SMB2 Link: Aside from that, thanks for playing Sans Multiversal Battles! The game will not close for those who still wish to play this game.

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