Hello, I'm Anthony. I've been a developer on Roblox since 2008. I worked at Roblox as a 2018 and 2019 summer accelerator. I co-created Breach, Hackr, and created Two Player Kingdom Tycoon and Windows Error Simulator. Currently in university studying computer science.

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  • ⚔️ Two Player Kingdom Tycoon

    NEW: Now featuring Rthro and the new voxel lighting system! Welcome to 2 Player Kingdom Tycoon! When you join the game, you'll notice a leaderboard with 6 teams. 2 players can be on the same team at once. Join a team with an open slot, and become a Blacksmith or Duke! The Blacksmith is in charge of making money, swords, and armour. The Duke is in charge of building the castle. Fight with other players in hand-to-hand combat to increase your level and gain access to stronger armour and weapons! Your kingdom awaits you. Note: Your rubies, levels, and XP save, but your castle and cash do not. Follow @Dev_AnthonyRBX for updates.

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  • 💾 Windows Error Simulator

    Follow @Dev_AnthonyRBX for sneak peaks at upcoming updates! Latest Update: - Enter command "set sweetvictory true/false" and drag the error window (Lower your volume for this) - Paint! - Change the wallpaper - Create your own cursor - Play Error Terror - Leave feedback with Clippy Things you can do in this game: - Modify your cursor - Drag the error window around to make "Windows art" - Play Snake - Play Minesweeper - Click and drag on the desktop to make a blue selection box - Open the start menu - Use basic Notepad

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  • marble. (Work in progress)

    A game where you tilt the platform using your mouse or XBOX controller thumb-stick to maneuver the marble to the finish plate. There will soon be more levels, time trials, and multiplayer.

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  • Calm

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