Yo, I'm SodaThatCarbonates. Heres some cool stuff about me.                                                  
-I work with my friends on a game called The Chill Diner                                                              
-I have a little experience in Scripting (I'm pretty awful at it though.)                                          
-I used to be a former $u Tart creator.                                                                                          
-Now, I work on my own games, and I hope to actually have a decent game some day.Read More


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  • flamgo sad story

    really sad made me cry (this is just a joke its not associated with my $u tart stories)

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  • $u Tart and The Bloxxington Issue II (PART II)

    When some officers get ahold of a time device, they accidentally go back in time and give the device to the Past Mr. Bloxxington, and $u tart, kid, and the Present Mr. Bloxxington have to stop him, it truly is a tale of II Bloxxington's.

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  • Iron Tart's Backstory (PART IV IS OUT!)

    (This is a prequel to all my $u Tart games so far) Tony Tart is the sole creator of Bacon Flakes, but is that a good or bad thing? A bad thing for him. But it leads him to be the greatest hero on planet earth, and this is his backstory.

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  • Tr at Us's Adventure Through Time (DISCONTINUED)

    I'm not going to continue this story so stop asking.

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  • $u Tart and the Bloxxington Issue

    It's been about a month since Bloxxington Co. tried to assasinate $u tart from accidentally framing their buisness. Mr. Bloxxington wants revenge, and he plans on getting it now. (This will be my last $u tart game for a while)

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  • $u Tart opens a Lemonade Stand

    (This is technically a sequel to $u tart endgame, so if you haven't played that, you won't understand some of this) While $u tart is in a store he wants to buy a Nintendo switch, he decides to open a lemonade stand, but there is massive trouble along the way. (hey maybe you want to support me, you probably dont but do it anyway and join "$u Tart games by SodaThatCarbonates, if you join, you will get information about my next game, ok bye)

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  • $u Tart: Endgame

    While Iron Tart is being sad about half the universe being gone, he finally decides to get the stones and snap his fingers to bring everyone back, but he needs an assistant, none other than $u Tart! (All parts to the game have been released, a sequel will come out soon)

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