hi i'm texticks i lack a brain because i don't have a head

If you'd like to chat, send me a tweet @texticks. You can find my Twitter and YouTube pages linked above.Read More


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  • Baldi's Basics 3D Morph RP

    Welcome to the ORIGINAL "Baldi's Basics 3D Morph RP", the very first Baldi roleplay game with 3D characters! Discover secrets, earn badges, roleplay with others, and most importantly: have fun! Disclaimer: mystman12 is the creator of Baldi's Basics. Thank you Brandon38189 for the mobile run script! Thank you AngryGal on DeviantArt for the Playtime model! Thank you David1000august97737 for composing some of the music! VIP: https://www.roblox.com/game-pass/4736038/VIP Mega VIP: https://www.roblox.com/game-pass/4834492/MEGA-VIP

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  • Slendytubbies VS

    🔴SHUTDOWN = UPDATE🔴 Warning: This game has cheap popup jumpscares that happen randomly. They're not that scary, but this warning is here for the people who get frightened easily. You also may need a GOOD COMPUTER to properly run this game. What's New? -Bubble chat Try and collect as many custards as you can as a survivor, or slaughter your opponents as a Slendytubby. Credit to WilliamECrew, supermario695, tucann, newto_thegxme, and tomaan. The Slendytubbies characters, games, and maps are owned by ZeoWorks.

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  • Baldi's Basics 3D Morph RP CLASSIC

    This game is one of the original versions of BB3DMRP. Play if you want to see history! Expect bugs! This version of the game is most likely very unstable and quite honestly, I am not sure why I am releasing this. This game will not be updated.

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