Developer of the Camping series!
Working on a new game!
Camping 3 will come after this game probably!


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    It’s a hard time for Jack, so he decides to invite over the entire neighborhood for a dinner. In a group of 12, you'll be traveling to a Jack's Luxurious Mansion. Hopefully talking with friends will make him feel better after what happened. Do your best to cheer him up! This game was entirely built and scripted by myself. Mansion is also brought to you by the same creator of the Camping series!

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  • Hotel

    Welcome to Hotel, an awesome adventure themed game filled with all the luxuries needed to enjoy your stay! Tonight, in a group of 14, you and your friends will be crashing at Gloomo Hotel. It's great to finally get a good night's sleep at a cozy hotel after of all that driving. Good night! This game was entirely built and scripted by myself. Hotel is brought to you by the same creator of Camping and Camping 2, the original story games on Roblox. It also casts a backstory connected to those of the Camping series.

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  • Camping 2

    Welcome to the new Campgrounds! Today, you and your friends will embark on an incredible journey through a beautiful national park! Alongside your friends, and globally recognized Park Ranger Daniel, you will strive to become one with nature and find the true values that lie within the Camping experience. Have fun! This game was entirely built and scripted by myself. Camping 2 is also the official sequel to the original trendsetter, Camping.

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  • Camping

    Welcome to Camping, an incredible adventure themed game designed to deliver the ultimate camping experience to you and your friends. In a group of 12, you will travel deep into the woods, and survive in the wilderness. Enjoy time exploring the wonders of the forest, telling stories by the campfire, and MUCH more. This game was entirely built and scripted by myself. It is also a remake to an original version I made years ago! Camping was the first of new genre on ROBLOX, and started a trend of story games!

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  • Infection

    Infection is an adventure themed survival game focused on the use of teamwork to fight off hoards of Zombies. Travel through different maps, and try a variety of cool classes to complete rescue missions! Good luck! This game was entirely built and scripted by myself. However, I'd like to credit Contamination and Defenders of Roblox as a source of inspiration for the development of this game! I actually created this game before I released Camping, but re-uploaded it after I turned it into a multi-place game.

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  • My Maps

    This game features a compilation of some of the maps that I have made during my time on Roblox. Use the Gui to teleport from one to another to check them all out!

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