I am a Christian. I am 14. I ama big fan of the bands Skillet, Thieves And Liars, and Decyfer Down. -------------------------------- I am level 74. YEAH!! ---------------------------=============== I am an admin in -[SCA]- clan. I actually founded it but had to create the group on a friend's account because i don't have builders club. Read More

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  • Madrak's Test Army

    Madrak's Test Army is a formalized group of users trying to test and find bugs in Roblox. Information in the MTA is communicated up the chain of command. Here are the four ranks: General, Major, Captain, Lieutenant. If you would like to help out, please find a Lieutenant to start contributing bug information to. If you do a good job at finding new bugs, you'll probably get promoted. Membership in the MTA is not guaranteed, and spamming/griefing will not be tolerated. Be sure to follow the rules of your Lieutenant or they will kick you out. To get involved with the group, visit one of our General's groups (http://www.roblox.com/Groups/group.aspx?gid=16143) and start reporting bugs.

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  • skillet fan club

    A group for all the Skillet fans on ROBLOXia! (also selling this group for ROBUX, PM me about it)

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  • Pen and Quill

    All writers need to apply. Post your daily poems, thoughts, philosophy, ect. Please, use spell check before you post!!

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  • -[SCA]-

    SCA - Group clan: Top 3 rulesRULES: 1. Use proper languge. 2. No Spamming. 3. Do on to others as you would have them do on to you. JOBS: Spam checker: V Unfontetly, we only have one job open. If you were planing on getting a job, Contact the user Dog00. FONDER: This group is not owned by Dog00. It was once owned by MINARD734. Unfortently, MINARD was hacked. Now the Owner is: MINARD777. And we are proud to a have an owner like him. OWNER MESSAGE: *Dog00* We are getting rid' of admins. We have as many members as admins. I'm sorry. NEWS: This group will have to be taken over by Glaculas in one mounth. My parents wouldn't let me perchase a Life Time TBC or BC. -REGULAR GROUP MESSAGE: We are SCAland SCAspace And sone...SCAair. SPREAD THE NEWS: Tell your freinds about the SCA. We are trying to become a larger clan. MESSAGE WROTE: Cheer's And Happy Building From: The SCA Staff and: -MINARD777-Dog00.

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  • Spongebob Invasion -3.0- Into The Fire

    v4 HAS ARRIVED!! NEW LOOK! it is all at night and hasa red tint, there is a mini ice hill on one end of the map with a big ice bubble on top! NEW truss climb area so you can snipe spongebobs!------------ ALL NEW COMBAT STYLE!! IN THE DARK!! awesome weapons!!! ZOMBIES all around! Check out the fire i added in one area! credit to sirben2 for the f 16s. Here is a list of SOME of the beta testers who tested this game when it was V1.0 for me: Dog00, Stickman64, kitty929, robloxman11, bunny2217, halo123, sirben2, fighthathe2, builtsmuilt, oogle184, supermatt789, still5player, amyleefan11, megamantheblaster, dylanthud23, chicka22, elomie, stormper, bigdoedoe, gavinbam, samL9857, khiller64, max5678910, AND MORE!!!!

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