• [XMAS]🎄Sonic Universe RP (v2.1.3)🎄

    🎄Welcome to [Sonic Universe RP] you can play as 100+ 3D Sonic characters & Explore the Map.🎄 [If you have purchased a gamepass, out of the store while being In-game, Then consider on joining a new server.] [this game is still unfinished so you might encounter some problems along the way.] [The lag can sometimes grow, Immensely High, So it's probably best if you use a PC/Laptop for this, it may not function very well on other devices. There is alot of bugs on this game.] 2nd Store - [when the game shuts down & nothing is announced, that means they might be bug-fixes & patches] Join the group to get notified for Stuff.

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