"Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem."
       — Reagan

Hey, I'm Marcus. You'll usually see me developing for most of the time I'm online although I do not plan on being a developer as my future career, I just do it because I like to make friends with or meet new people I haven't met before from different states and countries. 

If you want to contact me, the best option is to message me through Roblox.

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Political stances - (Republican) Small government, secure borders, capitalism, gun rightsRead More


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  • District of Columbia

    (Unfinished) Arriving at the Union station, you've decided to take the day off by visiting the United States capital whilst enjoying the monuments that takes you back to the past. Explore as the place takes you to the District of Columbia where history is rich. ⚠ : Not recommended to play with max settings on low-end devices

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  • The Ink Workshop

    Bendy and the Ink Machine fan-made recreation of the original game, group does not profit in any type of currency from this place. Ink Development does not own any meshes, textures, audio, or plainly any sort of image that is being used in-game. Unofficial game, not approved or affiliated with Joey Drew Studios Ltd. All Rights Reserved to their respective owner(s), Joey Drew Studios Ltd. & theMeatly. Note: If this game is taken down for not complying with the DMCA and Joey Drew Studio's fan content policy one more time, it won't come back any longer under any circumstances, so please stop begging me to bring it back.

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  • Southern U.S.-Mexico Border Wall

    Unfinished project

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