by Reg
Time flies by,
I see her cry,
I can't stand to the side,
and watch her sigh.
I try to pull myself together,
but all the while,
in this weather,
the sun fades out, 
the clouds creep in,
and all my sorrows come back again.
The hardships come, 
the hardships go,
but all the while,
time still flows.
Attempting to keep track of my sanity,
Trying to make it through this catastrophe.
I wallow in self-pity
welter in fear,
all the while,
I still hear,
the sound of her sobs, 
through the day,
and all I can do,
is wish them away.
If I don't answer your message it's either because it's not a very well thought out question, it doesn't pertain to me, or I don't have enough time on my hands.
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