I've been making games on this site for about five years
Creator and Developer of Arcane Adventures
Best way to contact me is through my personal Twitter: @vetexg_

ExplodingOveralls is my brother, camryni123 is my cousin, and I have no other relatives on roblox. don't believe anyone trying to convince you otherwise.
only other account i own is AltVetexGames.Read More

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  • dead

    opened up cuz why not

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  • Project Awp

    A FilteringEnabled R15 fighting game I'm hoping to release sometime this year. It'll be very similar to Arcane Adventures, except set in a different universe some of you might be familiar with. Closed this down because I'm actually starting to work on the game's unlockable skills, and if everyone saw what they were, it would ruin the surprise of what the game is going to be :)

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  • Create a Magic [ 2016 ]

    A game I started and abandoned because of balancing issues and the fact that it's not FilteringEnabled. Enjoy 11/17 - Game was put under review. Fixed string filtering and contacted ROBLOX support, should be back up soon. 11/21 - Game is back up, fixes have been made to the string filtering.

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  • Roblox's Big Adventure [Closed Alpha]

    A turn-based, multiplayer fighting game set in a silly cartoon world full of wacky npcs. You must travel the massive world to learn powerful skills and abilities to conquer the most legendary evil beings. -------------------------------------------------------- This game is currently really unstable, hence the closed alpha. When there is a decent amount of content, it will become a Paid Beta, eventually leading to a free release. -------------------------------------------------------- HOW TO BATTLE (since there isnt a tutorial yet): Use A and D to cycle between blocks Press Space to choose a block or dodge attacks W and S to cycle between options Q to choose/select E to go back

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  • Dragon Ball Finale Reborn

    A really old DBZ game given a fresh coat of paint (neon and materials). Expect loads of bugs and random data loss.

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  • Arcane Adventures

    -- Not mobile or console compatible, play on PC/Mac only -- Watch as a massive story of magic, gods, old rivals, and revenge unravels right before your eyes. Set in a world ravaged by dark magic, the player must help an old warrior called Theos seek revenge on the most powerful dark wizard ever known. Fight alongside your friends, make a clan, sail the seas, gather powerful weapons, and have fun! Level cap: 1,000

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  • Online Fighting [ 2014 ]

    The 2nd game in the Arcane Trilogy. Took place in the year Y1531, in a location now known as The Old Sea, far to the south of the Seven Seas. Players scavenge the world after the fall of the gods in search of powers known as Sea Curses. The few that found Sea Curses (Trigno, Arthur, etc.) during this time period later became immortals with near unlimited power compared to a regular human, and continue to terrorize the seas in the present (Arcane Adventures) year of Y1854 Credit to TaleOfScripting for guidance Credit to Raidorz for thumbnail video

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