• The Turbulent Seas Full Release Demo

    This is a demo of the Full Release of the Turbulent Seas. This is simply a showcase of the naval tech I have developed for it. A lot of finished, or partially finished content has not been added to the demo since they aren't really naval related. You can buy a galleon and cannons for a better experience, but they are not required! NOTE: Cannons are cosmetic, and although you can fire, aim, and reload them, they cannot damage other players. You can get freecam if you are in a private server you own, just press SHIFT+P (This does not work for mobile, I am sorry)

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  • The Turbulent Seas

    Roblox Premium benefit: 10x multiplier when getting Dedication Tokens **Game is in EARLY development, expect bugs *Another Note: Game is currently being revamped, when it's done, it will be fully released. A lot of the mechanics in-game will be replaced. The game is still in beta. The Turbulent Seas is a newly discovered group of archipelagos. With no colonial interests from the world powers, many crews scramble for influence. What will you achieve? Crew Command: /Crew (name) - Can only work if the player is near, and if the player has no ships spawned. Keep in mind overweight ships are slower, and are lower in the water

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