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    Game logo was drawn by racqk. All thumbnails were made by me. Most of the weapon meshes were taken from the toolbox and are made by Roblox, weapon scripts belong to rufus14 and AtAltitude, and are toolbox weapons that anyone can take for free, some animations were taken from the toolbox too. This game was made purely for fun, and as a little summer break project. Combat Testing is a new fighting game inspired by many popular titles such as The Streets and other fighting / gang games. Collect cash around the map to buy additional weapons, make new friends, or fight as much as you want to. Choose the way you play - pick between 3 unique gamemodes and jump into the mayhem today! Exploiting is prohibited. Don't do it. Controls: E - roll C - crouch F - grab cash / open safes (vaults) / enter sewers RMB - ADS (sniper only) tags: combat, fighting, melee, guns, weapons, game, roblox, streets, town, 3 gamemodes, testing, gang, rufus14, pvp, ffa

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