• Airplane Factory Simulator [BETA]

    This game is in Beta and there could be bugs or balancing issues present. Expect frequent updates (aka shutdowns). Make sure to join the communications server to give feedback and report bugs! UPDATES: Moderator powers have been added. Public and private servers now save separately (your old save is now a public save). Managers that become CEO and resign will become manager again assuming there's less than 5 managers. General debugging. Hold Shift to Sprint. Welcome to Airplane Factory Simulator! Here you can work with other players to construct aircraft. You can work as an electrician, engine assembler, forklift operator, machinist, overhead crane operator, programmer, and riveter. Climb up the corporate ladder to become a manager or even CEO! Shutdowns likely means that the game is updated.

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  • Up For Debate

    UPDATE: Voice chat added. God help us all. TOTAL DEBATE TOPIC COUNT: 400 Welcome to Up For Debate! Here, you will debate with a another player on a randomly determined topic. You will either be chosen to argue in favor or against the topic's proposal. At the end of the round, spectators will vote on who won the debate and the player with the most votes wins! Shutdowns likely means there's an update.

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  • [🔊VOICE CHAT] Courtroom Shenanigans

    UPDATES: Voice chat added. God help us all. Thank you all for 1M visits! Welcome to Courtroom Shenanigans! Here you can participate in a trial as a judge, prosecutor, defendant, witness, bailiff, attorney, or in the jury. A court case can get pretty silly so buckle up and brush up on your legalese for this funny court simulator! Shutdowns means the game has been updated. "I swear. Does anyone actually take this game seriously? I just consecutively lost to someone blasting music and dancing. The judges are so unprofessional and the jury is biased. This game has incredible potential if it had a server feature like Liberty County where you can join more strict servers that take stuff seriously."

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