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    Welcome to Sword Fight w/ VIP! Make sure to report bugs to me just PM me or comment below.. U need to do in the game: Fight with you enemies you had to survive, buy the VIP to get more gears, there is no team in, u had to survive alone fight them do what u can do, remember this aint a teaming this is your own survival, you need to survive, buy the VP to get more awesome gears make sure u put the right code, Fight them!!!! Things: I added a song (Centuries) a ball xD, and i will try to add more things in this game, hope you guys have fun playing my game and it really helped a lot, thanks for playing my game, PM if you want to put more things or any bugs in my game, add me if you want thumbs up!! Report: report me if someone is spamming, hacking or any bugs in this game.. :)

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