I am Mark McCabe a 44 year old Delta Force veteran. i was medically discharged after i took a missile to the chest when it was about to hit my base my legs where just hanging there so i propped myself on a rock and defended off middle eastern terrorists attacking my base after that i saw a Humvee run over a land mine so i dragged myself over and drug the surviving people in the Humvee and took them back to base. when i was accepting the medal of honor from obama and sniper tried to take him out but i took out my m9 and popped him in the head but somehow he got off a shot before he died and i dove and tok the sniper bullet in my chest. i later got prosthetic legs with superhuman speed and jumping ability and strength i also have a extraterrestrial heart in me so i never run out of stamina. I won every major award in every college sport and now i am going back into the war zone as commander of delta force


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