~ Creative Director at Dreamline Studios ~ - BEFORE REQUESTING A TRADE, READ THIS - I only accept trade requests for single item trades with equal or greater value than the item in question on my end. Please don't send offers that undermine the price of my item, and know that I WILL check to see if prices are going up/down. This means I wont trade an item that's going up in price, for items that are going down. - THANKS - Graphic Artist, YouTuber, and Web Designer. Hey, that's pretty good! Also known as: CruderMax (The roblox account under this name is NOT mine.) Peppy (The roblox account under this name is NOT mine.) Read More


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  • Molten Steel Studios

    Molten Steel Studios is a development group that produces high quality models, games, graphics, clothing, and filmmakers. Join this group to perfect, strengthen, and show-off your skills you have come to the right place! -------------------------------------------------- Active Projects: Tok'ra Nation Secret Silver RPG (Alpha) Semi-Active Projects: Guest Quest Online (Remake) See Group Places Inactive Projects: Guest Defence I (Remake) ------------------------------------------------- In order to become a moderator in our games you must meet the following requirements: 1. Be an active player 2. Be respectful, and do not beg to be moderator 3. You must be level 100 or higher in Guest Quest Online. 4. You must remain in this group in order to be a moderator. If you have met these requirements please post on the wall asking to become a moderator. You will then be placed on a waiting list.

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  • ROBLOX High School: Fan Club

    The official group for all fans of the roleplaying hangout game, ROBLOX High School! PLAY: Join this group for FREE in-game items & iCinder phone texting when you play RHS the next day! ----- HOW TO RECEIVE A RANK: ----- DON'T FALL FOR "FREE ROBUX" SCAMS! ----- HOW TO SUBMIT RHS FANART: ----- RULES FOR POSTING IN THIS GROUP: 1. Don't post "copy & paste" messages, those don't work. 2. No advertising stuff (other games/groups/channels/anything else). 3. Don't ask for ROBUX or free stuff. 4. Be nice to people. 5. No spamming (making useless posts). 6. Follow all other ROBLOX rules. ----- Thanks for joining! Enjoy playing ROBLOX High School.

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