I'm looking to make some cool games for you all, so stay tuned :)

- Please DO NOT beg me to add you. Why do you think I would befriend someone without even getting to know them in the first place?

- Feel free to send me a PM for any enquiries regarding my games. But don't take offense if I do not reply back in time or end up being blunt with the responses I give out. I'm pretty busy so most of the time I'm really cranky and tired :(

- If you want to make any sort of contribution to any of the games I make, you'll need to provide me a portfolio of the type of work you can do. Otherwise I'll outright ignore you.


  • Gacha Life Roleplay!

    This is a fan-made game of Gacha Life by Lunime. In this game, you have the ability to turn from your Roblox avatar into Gacha characters! Please like, favorite and follow the game if you enjoy it. Any sort of feedback you have, I'll be glad to hear it :) If there are any sort of bugs or problems, send me a message about them!

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