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  • Vaporwave Plaza Hub

    For all of your vaporwave plaza related needs. Provided in this game are quick teleports to the places in VP happen you need to find where you left off, along with some extras such as group games and information. (if you visit a place ur not supposed to thats on u sorry, better not spoil yourself lol)

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    Chapter 2 act 1 has been released. Thank you all for waiting. Support this experimental showcase by joining the server or roblox group in the links below. FAST TRAVEL: Vaporwave Plaza is not a game for everyone. Based on something that is more abstract than what you would find on the surface of vaporwave, Vaporwave Plaza is an independent project started with little to no experience in game developing that has been ongoing since 2017. As you progress in this game, you may notice changes of style and atmosphere. The further you dive into this game, the more confusing it will become. The aesthetics represented in this game are those of the most niche and obscure styles of vaporwave. VP utilizes strong audio reverberation, which may unintentionally sound like static if you don't use higher-end headphones/speakers. VP is best experienced with a PC. enjoy

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  • [READ DESC] Vaporwave Plaza Reborn

    Hey everyone this is a TEST MAP. This is not the vaporwave plaza where you go to explore many different worlds, this is a future place to come in the vaporwave plaza series soon. If you want to play vaporwave plaza, please go to my profile and select the correct version. If you want to play this map, go ahead, but don't expect a finished product...

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