"I'm convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance." - Steve Jobs

In my games, the money is tracked on the leaderboard on the game page via player points. When you earn money in my game, you gain points. Likewise, when you spend money on my game, you lose them. Player points are only tracked game by game, so this shouldn't affect anything except for the leaderboard.

If you have an update request, I do often read the comments to my game. If a bunch of people want something, I will add it. To get updates on my games, join my primary group "Brickman Nation" for live development feed.Read More


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  • Notoriety [1.8.8]

    🎭Pull off intense heists in a competitive first person shooter where criminals rule the world! Loot, steal, and uncover secrets in this expansive underworld of crime. 🌟For changelogs and exclusive items, join Brickman Nation:

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  • Brick Buster

    📌 Brick Buster is a mobile friendly game where you must collect pieces to grow your character. Every brick costs a piece of you to be destroyed, so be careful! Good luck! 🍀 🌟For changelogs and exclusive items, join Brickman Nation: Follow up with the creator of Brick Buster!

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  • Valor

    ⚔️Valor is a fast-paced medieval game of strategy and cooperation. Teams of up to 12 defenders must rally in order to push back the attacker. The attacker (randomly chosen) will be able to spend his gold on upgrading troops and preparing waves of units in formation. 🛡️Do you have the courage to take up arms against the enemy? ⚜️Join [Heroes of Valor] to discuss strategy or ask questions about the game with other members:

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