• Hoopz [CLANS] (Basketball)

    PS5, XBOX and CONTROLLER support is here! (CONTROLS): L1/LB - Decrease Power R1/RB - Increase Power L2/LT - Switch Handles R2/RT - Shoot Ball L3 (Click left stick) - Toggle shift-lock R3 (Click right stick) - Zoom in and out X - Behind the back (Left to right side) B - Behind the back (Right to left side) Y - Dunk A - Jump DPad left - Left half behind the back DPad right - Right half behind the back Select Button/Back Button - Manuever through menu Yes, this is a sentence with the word Basketball so that it would show up on ROBLOX's search engine... lol

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  • Cybernetic Hoops Demo

    join group for free items ingame thx https://www.roblox.com/groups/4456704/Orgaprism-Organization the free items i was talking about: /e boombox note: the game is still in development so expect a lot of missing features and bugs Basketball

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