Wow. I think I'm finally getting back to playing ROBLOX. Well, more like creating games, that is.Read More

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  • Nooblet's Adventure II

    This game is currently in development. Not sure how long it will take. Nooblet is back in a brand new game by RockRoblox99! This time, there are new friends and new foes... IN NOOBLET'S ADVENTURE II . . . -Explore different worlds, including Noob World -Play as Nooblet, Guest, or yourself -Level up to gain more health and better weapons

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  • Nooblet's Adventure (Eight Years!)

    NEW LONG TERM UPDATE (2/15/2018): - Darkness Land now easier to see - Dark Zombie bonus boss removed - Advanced Jump Tutorial bot removed - Evil Noob attacks earlier on both Easy and Normal difficulties - Ice on Evil Noob's Lair thinner For more than three years, Nooblet's Adventure, a game created by RockRoblox99 since July of 2010, has been known as one of the hardest obstacle courses on ROBLOX. Play as Nooblet who has to defeat the Evil Noob who is trying to destroy the Noob World. Features: -Two difficulty levels to play: Easy and Normal. -Play the tutorial to know how to play the game. -Play bonus levels after beating the game.

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