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Creator of Base wars, Infection Attack series, The Mystic Land. 
Currently working on Zealous Fighter. 

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I am a robloxian from Hong Kong who focus on making roblox games. I can speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin. I am also taking part in "Roblox Developer Exchange Program (DevEx)" to support parts of my life so I don't trade and I don't donate at all. I wish you enjoy my games.

'Base wars: The Land' had won 'RGC 2012 User’s Choice Game of the Year'
https://blog.roblox.com/2012/07/rgc-2012-hall-of-fame-winners/Read More

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  • [Decreased Lag] Zealous Fighter [Alpha]

    It is not complete and under developing. More contents are being working on. ►About ZF: Zealous Fighter (ZF Project) is a fantasy Fighter game in a world with magic and tech. The game is mainly PvM. with some PvP modes available as well. You can pick the modes you want with The Lobby. ►Important Notes: Your purchase will support me to develop this game even more. There will be rewards for paid access players when the game release. This game works on PC, Mobile, Tablets. Mobile and Tablets are pending to be optimized. Your saves from now on are permanent. Shutdown = Update. You can rejoin after that. ►Community Some external chat service: twitter.com/dark886 Or www.roblox.com/My/Groups.aspx?gid=3708842 ►Controls: There are instructions on the interface. There are in game indicators about what combos you can perform. Press 'M' for Menu interface. Press 'O' to show/hide all GUI. Press 'V' to interact with NPC/Objects. Press 'E' to back wield all weapon. Old work - Base wars (2009 shooter): https://www.roblox.com/games/18164449/BW

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  • Base Wars! 基地戰 since 2009

    ► Important Notes: Recent update: Version 21.0.10 (2017 - 01 - 09) Game Options (Press " in-game) -> Patch Notes for further details Press { to access Server List. To view the whole map, Please set your graphics setting to at least 7. ► What is BW? ☆ Classic combined arms shooter game. ☆ Team-based open battle style with various types of infantry weapons and vehicles ☆ Not a round-based game, allows you to have non-stop free battle with your own play style ☆ Supports both First Person and Classic Third Person play ► Req. This game is intended to be played on a PC. Minimum recommended internet speed of at least 20mbps to enjoy the game. ► Discussion/feedback: To find out how to contact me: twitter.com/dark886 Or www.roblox.com/My/Groups.aspx?gid=581376 ► Rules: www.roblox.com/games/131398319/ ► New game (Zealous Fighter): www.roblox.com/games/131398317/ZealousFighter

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  • [No Transfer] Base wars's Public Test Place

    Currently Testing: -Game updates --------------------------------------- The Main Purpose for this server is to test something that can't be tested in roblox studio. Also, Test new feature before release. It will help me optimize the game run better for different type of clients. Important and please read before use: - You are given 1m Battle Score to test everything. - It is a SEPARATE place from the actual Base wars server. - All of the records will not transfer to actual server at any situation. - I might reset all the data without any notice. - I can shutdown this server anytime when I did an update to this, without any notice.

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  • Animation Creating


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  • [Finished] Infection Attack II: Mutation!

    Have fun to pwn zombies. Current Server Version: v2.1.0 (Stopped Developing.)           ◎Join this if you like our creations: http://www.roblox.com/My/Groups.aspx?gid=581376 Credit: Audio 'One Winged Angel' by clockwork. ( I use script to load this music directly. ), Body mesh by ROBLOX. Zombie part mesh by ROBLOX.

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  • [Fixed] Base Wars! Map: The Island

    ※Read in-game patch notes for update details. ※This is Base wars! , A Fast-Paced Combined Arms Shooter. ※Game Feature: ★100+ various types of Infantry weapons unlockable! ★13 Specific Vehicle available! Each vehicle have their own upgrades too! ★Mobile Spawn Points, You don't have to walk a long way for a fight. Bring the fight to the base. ★Fast Paced Combat, Infantry vs Infanty is like a second, Vehicle vs Vehicle is like few seconds. When you spawned you need to fight. Quick decision making. ★Capture-The-Flag. ★Skill Based Achievement System, Require the use of starter weapons. ★No low-skill Kill Cam. Learn to locate your enemies. ★Auto Saves. ※Server Version: v19.3.0

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