• Murder Royale 🔪

    1 Murderer, 1 Sheriff, and 48 Innocents. The Murderer has to eliminate everyone while the Sheriff has to take down them. However, once a Murderer or Sheriff gets killed, a random Innocent will take their role! Collect clues, stay out of the gas, and be the last player standing to win this chaotic game of Murder. Eliminated early? Don't worry, as you can 1v1 another eliminated individual to get back into the game. Every 3rd round features a Special Round, which can affect the game drastically. From having five murderers to a faster moving zone, anything can happen. You can change your Keybinds or Controller Inputs in the "Settings" tab On mobile, you can change where your buttons are placed as well as have a dedicated crosshair for sheriff in the "Edit Buttons" tab Update Log: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/-/2729215 PRIVATE SERVERS: Press ['] to open the console, and type "help" for commands.

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  • LOCOfficial!

    LOCOfficial! is a fun card game with a variety of cards, decks, house rules, and more! Match cards based on color or symbol and be the first one to clear your hand to win. 🌟PICK YOUR OWN RULES Whether it's the ability to swap hands, chain cards, or even playing a straightforward game without adding any new rules, you have a vast choice of customizability to make the game how you want it to. 🤝TEAM UP WITH FRIENDS You can have a classic game against all of your friends, or, hop onto teams mode, where you can team up with your friends against a different team to strategize and rig the odds to your team's favor. The game supports all platforms, including PC, Mobile, Console, and even VR! UGC: https://www.roblox.com/catalog?Keyword=LOCOfficial&Category=1&CreatorName=Rawblocky&CreatorType=Group&salesTypeFilter=1

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  • Copyrighted Artists

    📝 Copyrighted Artists is a game where players are given a weird, obscure, random prompt. Players then have to draw it in their best of their ability. After that, a random player receive that player's drawing and tries to replicate it. People then try to pick which they think is the original. 🔊 If you have access to Voice Chat, you can now use Voice Chat in servers. Additionally, if you want to play with only players who have Voice, then press the microphone icon on the top left to get sent to a VC only server! When playing Copyrighted Artists, please remember to follow Roblox's Terms of Use and Roblox's Community Rules. ⚠️ Failing to do so will result in a ban. ⚠️ ⚠️ There are no second chances! ⚠️ 👑 Private Server Owners can Kick Players using "/kick" and ban players by blocking them! 🎮 This game has Computer, Mobile, and even Console support, so you can play with your friends wherever! Music: Laughability - Intermission APM Music - The other music Spatial

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