• Cave Story (洞窟物語) [100K]

    This is a port of the 2004 indie game Cave Story to Roblox. Full game* is playable on PC, mobile, and consoles. Note: If your device doesn't have enough RAM (Memory) then the graphics might randomly become blurry and/or low quality. This is caused by the Roblox engine and it's currently not possible to fix, sorry. Cave Story is a jumping-and-shooting action game. Explore the caves until you reach the ending. You can also save your game and continue from where you left off. Controls: Arrow Keys - Move Down - Interact Z - Jump/Confirm X - Shoot/Cancel A/S - Switch Weapon Q - Inventory W - Map (if you have it) ~ - Pause Menu (ESC remap) This game will be removed at the request of Studio Pixel or Nicalis Inc. Cave Story by Studio Pixel Game Icon by Trashbox Bobylev

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