I kinda got the idea from Tsunami Survival so... gotta give give the creator of T.S. credits... and also i HAVE to give credits to a very helpful person i like to call, kalle2990 thx SOOO much and for your help i award you ADMIN STATUS!!! I accept all friend requests! so send me one!


  • Survive an AVALANCHE! (please read desc.) 85%

    Current Job: ***!ONLY SCRIPTING IS LEFT!*** hurry build up your walls to survive this horrible avalanche! ((**TELEPORTERS IN FRONT OF THE SPAWNS ARE FOR ADMINS, YOU WILL DIE AFTER YOU TOUCH THE TELEPORTER**)) (has kick script and im also sry for the bad picture it looks much better in game (supposed to look like a sunset... lol)) FIRST 10 PPL TO MESSAGE ME FOR ADMIN STATUS WILL BE ADMINS!!! SO MESSAGE ME NOW!!! (i accept all friends reqeusts and also if you have any ideas you'd like to suggest for my place plz message me and ill consider adding it ^_^)

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