• [LEGACY] The Brig Odessa

    Under construction from Summer 2019 through Summer 2021, the Odessa is the most detailed 18th Century ship on ROBLOX. Every part of this ship has been hand modeled and refined in the pursuit of utmost accuracy. Every crevice, every rope, every plank on the ship went through several redesigns and refinements over the two year construction process. Nothing that was modeled during the initial first few months of development remains on this ship. There are no textures or decals used on this model. Every inch of depth is really there. On 23/06/2021 this ship was accepted as part of my entry into the Elite Builders of ROBLOXia and I have designated it as a Legacy place as of 18/05/2022 as it is no longer being updated, it now serves primarily for historical interest and as a culmination of my skill level as an artist at that point. My workflow has improved significantly since I finished this ship and it is no longer representative of my knowledge and ability.

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