• The many ways to kill a noob! (OLD GAME 2014)

    Original desc: "Noobs... gotta kill em' all! Why do noobs hate this? Because they're offended!" This was a place I made when I was just 12, those were the glory days. For a quick disclaimer, this game is filled with free models for obvious reasons, I'm not gonna change that because I want it to remain the way I made it back then. So yeah, it kinda sucks imo, but it's got a charm to it still which gives me the feels. This was playable for a bit until it got dislikes (obviously) upon which I closed it. 6 years later I decided it needs to see the light of day, because it's a valuable memory of mine. So feel free to visit a place from my childhood, even if I think it's bad. I'm not letting this be lost to time.

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