• The battle for glory v3.2.2

    The classic game Knights of Redcliff VS the Dark Ninjas has now been re-imagined in a totally new format, with new game play, teams and map design! Explore the world and bloxx out players and NPCs in this exciting and fun fighting game. Capture control points and defend them with your fellow teammates. Earn points and get better armor and weapons to improve your skills. [NOTES] The game is a work in progress game and a long way from done. A lot of the content may be missing, but we're working hard to update the game as often as we can. Give the game a thumbs up if you like it and make sure to let me know what you think of the game. I am always listening to your suggestions and opinions. [NEWS] New large bridge added Crates and barrels can now be moved around Added a sound-test New trees added Improved post-processing and atmospheric effects The first working weapons have been added. Other minor fixes More builds and features coming!

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