Hi I'm a Finnish guy who makes ROBLOX RP games for fun. Join my project group if you want. You'll be up to date with all future projects and major updates in it. It is also a place to give requests and/or suggestions as well as make friends with other roleplayers (or argue with them).


Note that you can not become an admin or get promoted in my group or games. 

Gotta keep farmin'.

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    What is TIMELINES version XL? It is a version of TIMELINES [RP] (link below), where all the four timelines have been combined into one massive game. This game may not be suitable for mobile devices or slow computers. This version also provides VIP servers, as it is a single game. Gamepasses must be bought from the original game here:

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    SW: Timelines is an RP place that allows you to pick whatever timeline you would like to RP in. From the Old Republic all the way to the new one. Shut down = updates. And there will be plenty of updates. All the timelines are not yet in the game, but they will certainly be added. For those wondering what happened to the Old Republic RP, it's still here! It is now simply one of the timelines. Check out TIMELINES version XL for VIP servers!

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  • Superpower Mashup [RP]

    New updates weekly. After a bright flash, several universes had merged together. It is unknown why this happened. Will you join the heroes and seek to solve this mystery, or the villains to take advantage of the situation for personal gain? The choice is yours. - Roleplay as canon characters from Marvel, DC and then some, or create your own character. - Request new characters and regions! - It is not possible to actually kill in this game, this would happen in RP through PTK.

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  • GLOBELORE [RP] [V.2.1]

    Globelore is an original lore created by the JalPro admins. Genres: Steampunk, Aetherpunk, Plasmapunk Fantasy, RP The game has no option to have real fights. This game may be heavy on your device, using computer, a good one at that is recommended, as well as a fast internet connection. Light rifle, great light cannon and small shadow portals added. Over four hundred years ago in the world Arctus, magic was discovered. By the invention of the Globes, magical crystal balls it was possible to control this power. With it, by training people could reach higher levels of power. Though with all good, there is always evil. A dark portal had opened on Tempus, dark creatures swarming out of it, cursing people. Only light is your ally. Are you powerful enough? Join for fun: Want to get in-depth with the lore? Check out the Globelore Wikia.

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    SWFO This game isn't getting any more updates. So check out TIMELINES RP instead: Special thanks to terman2 for building some stuff, other JalPro admins for discussing some stuff through and JalPro group for ideas. Based on the First Order era in the Star Wars Universe. This is an RP (role play) game, do not expect the weapons to do anything, instead sit down and think about how wonderful the SW universe is and imagine playing a role in it. Join for fun.

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    Idea of this game: Fight constantly multiplying Agent Smith. It's one of those games you can play forever, when you're bored. Items you can find: - Pole (randomly spawns) - First-aid kit (randomly spawns) - Katana (randomly spawns) - Pistol (randomly spawns)

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