• Insane Assassin

    In this insane FPS shooter, there is 3 roles. #1. The assassin. There is only one of you, and you have nothing but a 1 hit KO pistol that takes 5 seconds to reload. Everyone will know you are the assassin, but not everyone will know where you are until they see you. #2. The Finder. There is only one of you. You have a pistol that deals 3 damage, along with a device to track down the assassin's location. If you die you drop your device for another person to take. Help the shooters find the assassin so they can kill him. Or, help them by trying to kill the assassin yourself #3. The Shooter You have a gun that deals 5 damage, but you don't have a tracking device to find the assassin's location. With help from the finder, track down the assassin and kill him.

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