April 21 2010 - June 21 2014
sharpstorm7 - LordElektro - IronDust - GodSwift

It was ROBLOX that inspired me to enter the field of Graphic Design and Video Editing.

It was ROBLOX that brought me into the world of Computer Programming.

I met lots of friends, had good times, and gained much memories.

I rose my clan, Supreme Intelligence, from infancy to a ROBLOX power of over 5000 members.

I forged the supreme alliance, Power Union, a diplomacy covering over 80000 of ROBLOX clan elites.

Yet, over the years, I've watched the quality of the ROBLOX Community and Administrators deteriorate.

The community was overflown with trolls and scammers.

Games with misleading titles sprouted.

Being scammed seemed to be normal.

Admins became more and more greedy.

Inflation of ROBLOX Currency Conversation rose to a shocking 210%

My journey ends today.

I will miss many of you.

Goodbye ROBLOX.

It's been a blast.


  • Goodbye ROBLOX

    sharpstorm7 | Apr 21 2010 - Nov 28 2011 My first account. I was introduced to ROBLOX by my friend and was quickly captivated by the freedom and imagination of the ROBLOX world. LordElektro | Nov 28 2011 - Apr 20 2013 My second account and my prime account. I rose Supreme Intelligence to over 5,000 members and created Power Union, which consisted of over 80,000 members. I achieved over 30,000 place visits and over 100,000 R$ value of Limited's. IronDust | May 09 2012 - Sep 21 2013 My third account. LordElektro was deleted and I decided to depart the clan community. With this account, I achieved 100:1 KDR on SFOTH, Catalog Heaven, 5.0 KDR on Base Wars and many other game achievements. GodSwift | Sep 21 2013 - Jun 21 2014 My fourth and last account. I was inactive and occasionally played a few games with my friends. At the Summer Break of 2014, I decided that my journey ends here. I will miss many of you. Goodbye ROBLOX. It's been a blast.

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