Game Developer / U.S Navy Sailor

Currently working on updates and serving in the military at the same time. I will do my best to use my free time to keep ROBLOX Point updated, and to work on new projects.Read More


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  • ROBLOX Point [2.2]🎢

    Tweet me at @StarMarine614 with any issues, bugs, glitches and if its something new we will reward you! 👍 UPDATE LOG! 👍 -PolerCoaster has been removed and put back into its rightful location Gravity Oasis. -Broken game pass? No problem! Use the R6 Morph at the entrance to fix your pass! * IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING LAG, LOWER YOUR GRAPHICS SETTING IN-GAME TO 3! * Welcome to ROBLOX Point 2 - Theme Park [BETA!] Come meet new players, ride thrilling coasters, and have a great time with friends! 🔥🔥🔥 **FEATURED IN THE ROBLOX BLOG, AND LOGIN PAGE** 😄 StarMarine614: Project Lead, @StarMarine614 Exoguti097: Project Lead Nilghost: Lead Programmer, @nilghost_ DrKevin: Builder Toadiant: Builder, @Toadiant Rezidy/8fo: Builder, Clothing Designer Special thanks: 1wolf1person, frinigus, asimo3089, NWSpacek, Carthay, Wsly, EricThePianoGuy.

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  • Roblox Point 2 Development

    THIS WILL BE RELEASED IN THE MAIN GAME FOR FREE BY MARCH 1ST 2019! Tweet me @StarMarine614 using #RobloxPoint2!

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  • Dangerous MiniGames (discontinued)

    EXTREME VIP: ______________________________ MEGA VIP: ______________________________ SUPER VIP: ______________________________ REGULAR VIP: ______________________________ Wanna make a map to play on? Make the map and send it to me! Just make a map, no scripts, or weapons, i'll add that myself. Inbox me a link to it, and i'll put it in the game! ______________________________ Welcome to Dangerous MiniGames! If the game breaks type "/fix". This game was made by StarMarine614 and scripted by Asimo3089 and Alexnewtron.

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  • Moved

    check out the roblox point group to play!

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