Updated 8/1/19
Hello I'm back on roblox.... studio lmao
To this date, my scripting skill is still awful, therefore I decided I will just make anchored models and put it on a place which maybe Anaheim Electronics roleplay that gundam fans can roleplay to or museum whatever. Since it's anchored, I will probably add more details to it like inner frame. 
I will just continue my old project that i started like a year ago or 2 where I made a detailed GM cockpit with front torso inner frame.

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  • MSB_Hangar

    WIP whatever. I can't decide whether to make it my model museum relating to gundam or convert it into a game . . . converting it into a game will require scripting I can't do Decision: anchored models lol About the name: MSB_Hangar was suppose to be a start place for my planned game where you can have the intro before teleporting to the real thing Cancelled as usual eksdee

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  • [ Content Deleted ] (YanSim)

    [ Content Deleted ] Update 8/4/19 RIP Since I'm still awful at scripting, I decided that I will just make a gundam museum or gundam RP whatever but it will be 11/10 a mobile suit. Though it will be anchored.... I will probably just open the cockpit and put "Offline" on their screens so that anchoring them will make sense. Update 8/9/19 I can't update PS' description as it is deemed InApProPriatE. So I'll just put it here. PS suppose-to-be-desc-update: Development halted.

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