• Tetragon Fortress

    [Shutdown means update!] A faithful fan made recreation of everyone's favorite class based action game! Step into the action as one of nine unique roles and face the ultimate test: defeat the other team (I heard they hate kittens!) Official Group: Acknowledgements: Team Fortress 2 and the Team Fortress 2 Logo are trademarks of the Valve corporation which has no association with this project. This is a fan game. Clothing is made by VendettaTheGreat. Changelog 2019.10.4 - Added level ad_PoolParty - Added level cp_ChaosCarnival - The mercs have learned to swim! (most of the time) - Fixed bug where a map vote failing entirely breaks level loading

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  • Pumpkin Bomber

    Place bombs, wait four seconds and they explode. Collect powerups to improve the abilities of your bomb. Kill other players to collect better powerups. Don't get blown up though, because you'll have to wait until the end of the round to respawn. The more players there are the larger the playing field.

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