• The Last Frontier

    In the unknown lies man's greatest fears. But the urge to explore was too great. Update Log: Added Volcano Island next to The Isles. Also, added ShadowMap technology. I think it looks great, but my computer's lag has a different opinion! This is my first game! The Last Frontier is a game about exploring the world and hanging out with your friends! I am updating the game every month, if possible! Thank you for playing! Also, if you see an admin, it is one of my friends, do not ask for admin, they should not give it to you. Enjoy The Last Frontier! Creator: AlphaFrostShadowWolf. Thanks to these awesome Plugins: [1M] Realism Mod by GizmoTjaz, Grow Grass by Xysanth, and Tree Generator by Defaultio. Enjoy!

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