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    Welcome to Space Combat Tycoon! Build your base from the ground up. Collect over 30 guns. Make allies and enemies. Fly to mars! [Game saves automatically every minute] Inspired by many different other Roblox games. >> Join the group and see codes posted in the description! https://www.roblox.com/groups/7055799/SpaceW-Studios [10/21/23] Update Log - Revamped game [2/5/21] - Removed New Years Event - Bug fixes & issues [1/9/21] + Revamped Map and GUI + New Inventory System + New New Years Quest + Added Rebirth Info GUI + Added in a Kill feed and Leaderboards. ~ Added in a second armor giver that spawns on the 1st floor when you buy the armor from the 4th floor + Rebalanced all standard guns. + New Codes + Vip servers are now free

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