Hello, I’m Nicholas and welcome to my profile.

On a day I forgot when, Mackenzie and Lauren had been granted to this ROBLOX account to keep and use. While I appreciate that I gave them access, I just don’t use it at all sometimes, nor do I ever find interest into this game ever since the forum days. But don’t get the wrong idea here, this does not mean I’ll be giving anyone this account for that matter, as it contains sensitive and private information that can not be shared with others. While I don’t like sharing the account, I only share it with those I consider best friends or are close to me.

I am usually a laid back and chill person and don’t get too tight about anything. You can send me a PM anytime you’d like, I sometimes read all of them. If they're about cars, I would instantly reply if I have the time!

Also keep your messages PG, no edgy and creepy messages that’ll spook me to hell.


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