Hey guys, I'm Evan. I'm a 14 year old who plays ROBLOX, just like you. I can script, graphic design, build, and animate. (All of these to a certain extent.)

Follow me on twitter @RBLXcrackop if you're interested in my work.

IDEVENKNO is my only alt accountRead More



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  • (IN DEV) Dino Tycoon

    This game is in the process of being made, aka the development stage which is why the game is currently whitelisted. During alpha I'll lower remove the whitelist (once it's actually playable)! Until then, go follow me on twitter @RBLXcrackop ;)

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  • Zombie Survival [BETA]

    Most recent update: - Everything About: At the start of each round in "Zombie Survival" 2-3 random players will be randomly chosen out of the game to be the starting zombies. As a zombie, you have to try to kill every human in the game before time runs out. As a human, you must try to survive this zombie attack until time runs out. If you die as a human, you will become one of the zombies and you must help the zombies kill all the humans. (This is an old game that I remade and improved because it was my favorite game a long time ago and has a good concept to it and was super fun to play.) Follow me on twitter @RBLXcrackop Progress started on August 19th 2017 - Some of the maps were done by Rhyrne -

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  • Text Decoder

    Not a complete nor' a very good one. How to use: - Write in a sentence or a word with a hidden code/message inside it into the black box. - Click enter or click off of the black box once you've entered your message. - Look in the white output type box and try to find the hidden code (It would normally be words from the English language or something you can recognize and not something ZJKDUEJ.) - Once you found it, you can click it and it will turn blue. (You can do this if you want to screenshot it or if you just don't want to loose track of it. It does nothing besides turn blue) You can test it by trying to decode this "Bjqhtrj yt Hwfhptu'x yjcy ijhtijw!" in game and trying to find the hidden code.

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  • Abandoned Train Tracks - Showcase

    CHECKOUT MY NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL!: This is a building showcase of an abandoned train track railway. This was made out of boredom and it is incomplete, and i doubt i will ever finish it... But, this was inspired by a image i found on google when i was looking for something to build!

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