Hey guys, I'm Evan.

Follow me on twitter @RBLXcrackop if you're interested in my work.

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  • Dino Tycoon - BETA

    SHUTDOWN = IMPORTANT UPDATE (If you encounter any glitches try starting a new slot because I fixed a lot of glitches but your game needs to be restarted to be completely fixed. If not, just expect some glitches) --UPDATES:-- -5 NEW DINOS (3 Limited time Valentines Day dinosaurs) --(IN NEW SERVERS)-- -Can now see the item better when placing Dino Tycoon is one of many "sandbox" tycoons (meaning you can make whatever you want within a certain region and with a limited amount of items). Make your very own dinosaur park with all of your favorite dinosaurs! Expand your island, buy new dinosaurs to gain more money and build your own custom dinosaur island! go follow the creator on twitter @RBLXcrackop

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  • Abandoned Train Tracks - Showcase

    CHECKOUT MY NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL!: This is a building showcase of an abandoned train track railway. This was made out of boredom and it is incomplete, and i doubt i will ever finish it... But, this was inspired by a image i found on google when i was looking for something to build!

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