In memory of Erik Cassel, Founder of Roblox, firstly i would like to thank you for creating such an interactive and entertaining game, ever since my online life start, your creation has given me something to always look forward to, i've read about most of the things you did and how your teammate appreciate you along with the others, and to see how well they spoke off you made me quite happy know that i've spend so much time on a creation that you diligently worked on so i'm extremely grateful for that so thank you.

Thanks to you, you've managed to create such an amazing Roblox team to provide us with all these features and upcoming ones, because of you. all this is possible, so again, we're grateful for this.

Erik Cassel, you're an inspiration to many including my self so its sad to know that you're no longer here with us, even tho thats the case, we here will like to carry on your legacy and keep your memory and your creations alive so you can rest easy, may your soul rest in peace.


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    Many people birthday have been forgotten but I won't forget them though so I made this game for you and if your playing this game, happy birthday to you :D ( Follow my Roblox account and direct message me, providing me with new suggestions to be added to the game)

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