Hey, I'm Turpichu4321 but you can call me Turp. I'm just an 18 year old guy just creating different types of games on Roblox. I've made a ton of games so you should check them out!


  • Farming Tycoon 2016

    Farming Tycoon 2016 - A game by turpichu4321. This is a Farming Tycoon, it isn't like any of those other tycoons. An original idea. This game does contains glitches so please message me if you find any. This game is VERY laggy so you should close other unused applications and put graphics to one and mimise your screen. Enjoy! YouTube Tutorials on here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOsTzwyVgJFm5xEGSc7b6xP8vadZPw0Ly Mods List: -Vardrak -Roide -Zenord556 Update Log: -Chicken eggs are now worth 50 Cash -Changed sprint button from R to Left Control, -Added debounce, -Maximum cash is 250,000 cash. -You can earn money off pumpkins and cabbages. -Player Points for every button and cash products. -Sprint Button is now quicker to activate. -You can now view a tutorial! -New images for mute button!

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