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    Buy the admin shirt for Host/Admin commands. Invite your friends, host OT partys. Have a Famous people edition. Anything quizshow related is here. THIS GAME REQUIRES ADMIN ----------------------------------------------- ADMINS: Rlack (Me) CheesyNacho MiiMaster Person299 hawksfan Inngy BJTHEWEATHERMAN ------------------------------------ http://www.roblox.com/Mock-The-Forums-VIP-shirt-item?id=32027744 That shirt gives you admin commands. ------------------------------------ RULES: Abide by these or get banned. 1. No disrupting the game. 2. Dont use admin commands unless your host. If you abide by these rules, you will be fine. BTW, a max of 6 people playing the gameshow. As many as possible can be spectators.

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