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                    This account is inactive. It may take up to a year before I do anything here. I suggest you contact SilentPaw, which is my new account. I'm keeping this account the way it is, as a memorial. I don't want to have a place up either, just so that I don't have to keep updating it.
--MEMORIES-- This was the first ROBLOX account I made, back in August 2007. I started not known for much. It was great to get one or two people in my place. I later found out how to build more effectively. I then got Builders club for two months. Once that expired, I had my ten places, one of which was the short-time famous Cut the Grass. I don't know where that went. I was also a manager for ERRC. I also contributed to Builderman's Hotel. That's about all there is about me.



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    NEW WOOD -- Welcome to ERRC HQ! Where the Elite Robloxians build great places! We are hard at work designing new places, refining new ideas, and putting the final touches on nearly finished places. -- Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think, or send me a message about it.

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