Hi! (I only accept messages from followers/friends to reduce spam from bots. You can Follow me (see the 3 dots, top-right of every profile, then refresh) so that you can message me; you can later Unfollow me at any time. Do not send Friend Requests for this purpose.)

I like scripting, reading, and strategy games.

Messaging Notes: I do not generally accept friend requests and am not interested in joining any fighting groups. I do not usually visit your place unless it looks original, creative, or you need help with something complex and you've already been trying to solve it yourself.

In the past, I've scripted all of Builderman Suite Hotel (I was part of the original team that created it), founded ERRC (it's dead now), and place reviewed for Roblox Direct.

I've finished or helped to finish a number of smaller places. My best was ERRC Village Builder.

I'm currently working on a large project.

I thank The Lord for giving me all my talents. Praise Him who formed the universe!Read More


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  • Customizable Connect 4 (vs AI)

    Customize and play Connect 4 against the computer! Use huge boards and up to 8 players. You can play vs friends on a single device, but proper multiplayer is not supported.

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  • Scripting Helpers "Snack Break Problem" #21

    Feature: everything slows down when you're not moving/looking around. Try getting in the way of the parts (not the spheres) and you'll notice them interacting with your character regardless of what speed the game-time is going.

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  • ERRC Village Builder v1.3.5

    Welcome to ERRC's Village Builder! The place where you must work together with other players to build and grow your village. How big can you get your village? Click on the 'Main' button at the top, then select "Tutorial" for the in-game tutorial. **PLEASE** read the forum tutorial if you don't know how to play! Contains standard kick script. "Kick playerName playerName2 etc" Simplified Place Credits: chess123mate, Jorge99889988, ZacharyBoyCool, weaselman50, elithe4th. v1.3.5: Minor bug fixes v1.3.4: Fixed broken scripts (the ones that broke in "recent" Roblox updates), updated gui positions, and updated some buildings's text display.

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