Muslims, observe and protect your salah (prayer). Imagine the next day it was willed for you to die, the prayers of that day you would do properly; you would pray on time, you wouldn’t rush your salah, you would recite the quran slowly and properly. You realise at that very moment that your salah is one of the most, if not thee most important thing to fulfill. 

Everyone, protect yourself from saying something that tomorrow you will regret, observe your speech. Speak good as everything you say is recorded and noted down. It is easy to say something that you do not mean so be wary of saying anything that may cause harm. It is better for you to stay silent if you have nothing good to say.

Be a person who is content, only rely on Allah (God) alone. Connect your heart to Allah, a person who relies on Allah alone, Allah is enough for them he will provide for you and nothing can replace him. 

This advice firstly goes to me.


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