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    NEW PROMOCODE ON OUR SOCIAL MEDIA! WELCOME TO TRUCKING EMPIRE! ❄️ A new Trucking Roleplay game! Explore the giant realistic map inspired on COLOMBIA! - 🚛 Roleplay as a Trucker, Police, EMS and More! - 🚚 Have convoys with your friends! - 🐦 Codes and Exclusive Content? Social networks below! - 🎁 Enjoying the game? Leave a like and favorite! DEVELOPER LOG v6.1.5 · Major optimization update! · The snow is gone! · 2 new Exclusive Vehicles · +8 new vehicles! · We have updated some trailers + And Much more! 👷‍♂️ Game Developer: Dev_ManuelC Tags: Robloxian Truck Simulator 2, Truck, Trucks, Trucking, Deliver, Delivering, Cargo, Loads, Heavy, Truck Simulator, Simulator, Drive, Driving, Colombia, Colombiano

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