Casual Murder Mystery X player/trader and apparently talented voice actor.
I own the #1 rarest knife in the game, Rainbow Flash, along with 3 Permafrosts, Miracle, Gold Reaper, Rainbow Luger, the full Underworld set, Rainbow Saber, 2 Tempests, Dark Blade, Runic, Millionaire, and Artist. I currently own every Unobtainable and Godly item in the game.
Total Inventory Value: 43,285 SB as of 04/02/2019
Current Diamond-tier Items: Champ, Maniac, Triumph, Amnesia, Marshal, Thor's Hammer, Gemstone - 7/10
Current Prestige: Diamond VI

Princess Rose#6496

My only current account. Any other active account claiming to be me is fake. I only have one discxxxord and I don't use any other forms of social media.Read More


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